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New Beginnings – Taking Action!

Happy New Financial Year!
So this morning I found myself beginning the new habit (again!) of taking an early morning walk along the beach. Often we find ourselves thinking of starting something new in the new year, on a Monday, at the beginning of the month….and today…the second half of 2020….the year destined to remain in our memory for a while!

But you know what?! Every day offers us the opportunity to start fresh, even imperfect action is ACTION! Wipe your slate clean. Sit for a moment, breathe and think about what is really important to get you to where you want to be. This might be in business, family, or your health. Imagine that you have hired yourself as a consultant to get your life back into shape. What would they tell you?

This morning I had the pleasure of sharing my morning walk with Tracey, a client who has joined me in prioritising her health for the sake of not only her but her family. She woke up a couple of months ago, stressed, kids at home (schooling!), and honestly, this was the straw that broke the camels back. Clearly, she loved her kids, but dealing with her chronic health issue combined with full, full, full-time parenting was too much to bear. We’ve all felt it. We dearly want to do things but just can’t push through.

Tracey decided to make a change. She has enlisted my help for the next 12 months with unlimited consultations, to make sure the habits she forms and changes that she makes to her health…..STICK!

Do you have a change you would dearly love to make but could use some extra support? An unlimited consultation package costs way less than a cup of coffee a day! That’s gotta be worth it!

Check it out here

To everyone starting a new routine, or challenge…..Good Luck! I’d love to hear about it on my Facebook page. Send me a message or a photo!!